I’am Laura.

I’am a visual designer, photographer and I sell little gifts from nature in my webshop.

I believe we all have something beautiful inside to share with the world, to fully bloom in our own bold, bright way and expand. With presence and intention I create with you your visual identity, which reflects who you are. This way you can grow your business with ease and experience the freedom what comes with it.

The changing of the season – outside in nature & inside myself – always amazes and inspires me. And the process of creation is a beautiful one and I feel honored if you choose to work with me on this process.

Feel free to send me a message with any questions or if you have ideas for your business and like to work with me.

You can reach me:
by phone: +316 54 26 10 90 / by e-mail: hello@flauwer.nl / or fill in the contactform